Wait, what? Is that beer green!?

You're all invited

Today is March 17th, a great day for all of us Irish and somehow an even better day for all you wanna be Irish. I find it fantastic that the Irish have a holiday solely dedicated to them. Granted Columbus Day is for the Italians, July 4th is for the Americans, and Easter is for the rabbits but what other holiday besides Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, and Martin Luther King Day do you go out and celebrate by just getting absolutely shit faced? Ok, well maybe St. Patrick’s Day isn’t completely alone in terms of celebrating but it is alone in the shitty green beer that is distributed amongst the celebrators.

Green Beer.

Who the fuck invented green beer? I am a huge proprietor of beer but green beer? What the fuck man!? It’s already bad enough that we have to watch you puke up all the bangers and mash you just ate, but along with green beer? That’s just outright nasty. Let’s stick to black beer on this most awesome day.

Am I the only asshole who thinks green beer is as bad as waking up the next morning to find out you slept with this.

Also a friendly neighborhood reminder for you drunks. Go to www.proposition317.com (URL no longer working) and sign your ass up for St. Patty’s Day to be an official holiday.

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