'Tis the Season to be Stressed

Fa la la la la la la la la

When did the holiday season begin to suck so much? Saturday December 26th can’t come any sooner. Why does the holiday season suck? Because of all the unneeded stress. Stress? What stress? Deep breathe and away we go…

First off, you are required to buy presents for every person you know while magically knowing the value of the present they are going to be getting for you. This includes everyone from parents to siblings to loved ones to bosses to aunts to friends and so on and so on. It’s Christmas and everyone needs a present.

The status of shopping is pretty ridiculous as well. Why is it an “event” that people can casually converse about? That’s usually reserved for how the weather is, not your status in finding gifts for everyone you feel you need to buy for.

Figuring out how to spend Christmas is just as worse. Yes, it is nice to be with family. Yes, it is nice to be with friends. Yes, it sucks trying to figure out the right mix of both. How much time is too much time with family? What does everyone eat? How much can you drink (because every cop is ready to bend you over on that DWI they love to give out)?

If you have a significant other, there’s another layer of suspense added to the mix of what to do Christmas Day. Family time with the SO can vary from heart warming to heart attack so make sure to practice “give and take.” Give compliments, take food, and consider buying plane tickets for the tropics for you and your SO the next holiday season.

Work makes Christmas suck too because there is always some over zealous crazy that needs to decorate everything. I came back from a meeting last week and had a candy cane on my door. Fine. I can deal with it, but why?? What’s the point? Don’t go spreading cheer to people who really just don’t give a shit.

I can go on with people’s attitudes, traffic, the turning of the weather, overly joyous people, etc. I actually used to like the holiday’s after a very good string of Christmas’s growing up, but as I get older I realize it should be all for the kids, not for people over 16.

What the hell happened?

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6 Responses to 'Tis the Season to be Stressed

  1. Polish,
    I agree with alot of what you say here but JESUS CHRIST Who pissed in your cheerios? is your tampon in sideways. I have heard of venting but comon man. I hate christmas i really do but stop bitching about it. What is the big problem with a candy cane on the door? not something to cry about. I hear you on alot of what you said but Jesus dude.

  2. If I had to quess, it was probably you Ted Lanceford that pissed in my cheerios.

    The rant is about the build up of the xmas season, not the actual holiday itself. You need to work on your reading comprehension skills I see. I heard the 3rd grade has some good classes for that kind of stuff.

  3. Wow Polish your tampon really is in sideways. Calm down killer. Someone busts your balls and you go on even more of a rant . Jesus Christ take some Midol or something

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