A Christmas Miracle

Something wonderful has happened in England. Apparently, their is some kind of unofficial contest there to have the number 1 music single the week leading up to Christmas. The last 4 years, winners of the show X-Factor (a British American Idol) have each held the strangle hold on the Christmas market. This year Joe McElderry was on target to make it a 5th year in a row. An internet campaign was launched for Rage Against The Machine’s debut (and epically profanity laced) single, “Killing In The Name Of” to out sell McElderry. Since this year was the first to factor in digital sales, the 1992 track in theory was eligible. Facebook groups pushed for sales of the song until it reached the coveted number 1 spot.

Their is nothing quite like Zach de la Rocha railing against the forces of injustice and the oppressed in a violent manner to ring in the Christmas cheer.

TCM would personally like to thank England as a whole and also (begrudgingly) Facebook for making this happen. It all kind of reminds me of when my friend convinced his High School to get “Free Bird” as the Prom song and it actually received enough votes to win, although (unlike this situation) it was tragically overturned by the prom committee.

You can read more about this Christmas Miracle here.

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