Luigi: Nazi Sympathizer?

If you can’t tell by now, I like retro video games. Last night I saw something disturbing that I had never seen before. I popped in Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo. This is the game that includes, Mario 1, Mario Lost Levels, Mario 2 and the ever popular Mario 3 with fully enhanced 16 bit graphics.

I gave Mario 3 a spin and happened to be playing with someone else which necessitated me having to be Luigi. When it cut to Luigi getting to choose which level he wanted to dominate, I stumbled upon something disturbing.


Could I be seeing things? Does Luigi share an uncanny likeness to Mr. Adolph Hitler? Surely if anyone knows the horror of WWII, Japan would be up there. This just begs the unfathomable question, why? He never looked Hitleresque in any other Mario games. Those 16 bits really seemed to help characterize his Jew hating mustache.

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4 Responses to Luigi: Nazi Sympathizer?

  1. As a half jew, I can completely see the anti-semetism….Those bastards from JAPAN and their extra 16 bits! LUIGI IS HITLER! What are the extra levels?? Concentration camps where you jump on the dead jews to unveil their gold teeth?? This guy is deeply saddened 🙁

  2. It was pretty scary when you actually pointed it out lol…but he’s an italian, so he could have axis sympathies and yes, they are hallucinogenic. You either think you’re really big or that you can die multiple times 🙂

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