Garage Sale Video Games

First Nintendo, Super Nintendo, than Playstation and now GameCube. Flintheart is making leaps and bounds into the world of Video Gaming. I bought a GameCube for $10 this weekend at a garage sale. Since this seems to be the system that time forgot I was wondering if anyone could recommend some games or anything that would be considered a high point for the console?

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  1. Well you gotta get super smash bros. Also i think there is a mario cart for it but im not certain. Kevin judge was like the only person who bought one when it came out. There was also this one awesome BOND game that Dr. Lanceford might remember with the grappling hook and shit. We played one night @ judge’s mom’s house and she fell down the stairs and made noises like the GRAPE LADY. We were then thrown out by his stepdad telling us to “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!” haha it wasn’t our fault

  2. Classic.

    How is the Smash Brothers for GameCube? I don’t think I will ever like another version better than the Nintendo 64 one.

    One of the only reasons I bought the system was so I could finally play the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

  3. You must get Zelda: Twilight Princess. also the mega man anniversary and sonic anniversary discs which are probably like $10-15 if u can find them. they have all the games on them from each series. never played the mario kart, but nothing beats that 64 mario kart. there’s a metroid game thats pretty good, from what i remember. but, if you can, the absolute worst (greatest) game for the gamecube is Starsky & Hutch, almost unplayable.

  4. Pretty sure every smash brothers game I ever played was ruined by the absolute dominance handed out by Q, a level of which has not been reached since The Roman Empire.

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