Flintheart Joins The Mid/Late 90's Videogame Revolution

I owned 4 systems if my life time. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, briefly a Sega Genesis (which was ultimately traded by my brother with an ex girlfriend for an acoustic guitar, upon break up) and a Sony Playstation that I had forgotten all about. Given to me for my birthday in 1997 I played a years worth of Tekken and Resident Evil 1 and than drifted away from it.

Last week I had the epiphany that an intact Playstation had been collecting dust at my parents house for the last decade. When I realized this I went right over and opened the cabinet doors which housed the console. I felt like Indiana Jones uncovering a relic of a past civilization.

I’m now the proud owner of a PS1, 1 controller, Final Fantasy 7 and Tomb Raider 1 (which I must have borrowed from someone and never given it back). My question to you dear reader, is what essential Playstation 1 games do I need to be checking out?

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  1. You’re off to a good start so far. I hightly recommend Metal Gear Solid for a little tactical espionage action. Resident Evil 2 is also a great choice. If you want something a little more pick up and play or actiony, Twisted Metal 2 is really tops and was in fact, my first PSone game. Not a lot else I could recommend, since the majority of the stuff I was into back then were obscure Japanese RPG’s, especially those that followed after Final Fantasy VII paved the way.

  2. Your slowly entering the 21st century, one cultural phenomenon at a time. I must agree with BK that Metal Gear Solid is a 1. That will take time and attention. If you want to pop in a game while drinking copious amounts of labbatt blue and enjoy instant gratification, I highly suggest Jet Moto. I got the demo version when I bought PS1 and its pretty entertaining. Make it happen.

  3. Good call on Jet Moto, if you want a racer that’s a little different…if you go in that direction, don’t go near any after Jet Moto 2 though

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  6. Gran Turismo 1, 2
    Some Net Yaroze demos [they are cool sometimes :D]
    Thrasher: Skate and Destroy
    Tony Hawk pro skater 2, 3
    Dino Crisis 1, 2
    Resident Evil series
    Silent Hill [really scarry, if you are weak nervous, don’t play it ;)]
    Ridge Racer Revolution 😀
    Final Fantasy ofc
    Tomb Raider
    Tekken 2 and 3
    Jimmy White’s 2: Cueball
    Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles
    Fighting Force 2

    I think these games are”MUST HAVE” :D…

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