New SNL Comedian Jenny Slate Drops F-bomb in Premiere

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Jenny Slate marked her debut on Saturday Night Live last night by dropping the “f-bomb.” Slate was performing as a raunchy biker chick alongside Kristen Wiig on the show’s 35th season premiere when she said, “You frickin’ just threw an ashtray full of butts at my head. You know what, you stood up for yourself and I fucking love you for that.” Slate’s expletive was clearly not intentional, and her cheeks puffed up immediately after she said it– realizing a second too late what she really said.

Since this may be the last we see of her, the Captains would like to remember her for at least one other thing she did in her career prior to that faithful night she said a word that everyone up after 11:00 uses every day anyway.  From her days in Gabe and Jenny. Enjoy.

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