How To Make A Bad Show Worse

I got in on the ground floor when the TV show, The Office was new. At the time, its lack of a laugh track and mockumentary style of filming was considered “fresh” (see also: the incredible tv series: Arrested Development). After the show got its feet wet with it’s insanely short first season, it hit its stride with the second. I think most fans will unanimously tell you either the second or third season was when when the show had peaked. The fourth, while still excellent had begun to slip a notch (thank you very much writer’s strike). The fifth and sixth season began a downward spiral that’s still being felt today. Zanier plots, new characters and idiotic love triangles.

Oh, but it gets worse.

Steve Carrell has just announced that he is leaving the show after the upcoming seventh season, but apparently the series will continue. We all know that replacing the main character is always a good if not better move. Remember how awesome it was when Charlie Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox on Spin City or how about after Phil Hartman died and he was replaced on News Radio┬áby John Lovitz? It doesn’t fucking work. Why can’t other TV series take a page from Seinfeld and go out before things begin to tank? (Simpsons, I’m looking in your direction. Your already 10 years too far).

I realize I have the option to not watch the Office, which I most certainly will exercise. I just hate to see a show I once loved take a shit all over me and not leave anything for me to clean up with. Arrested Development might be my favorite show of all time, but the best thing that ever happened to it was getting canceled during it’s third season.

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  1. The Simpsons is 10 years past its due….That show SUCKS major balls and pales in comparison to Family Guy. I mean it paved the way, but you don’t see michael jordan still playing ball bc he makes money. The SIMPSONS has sucked for 10 years @ least!

  2. Hookah is not an illegal drug Michael. Its a type of pipe. You can fill it with tobacco often mixed with a fruit flavor-

  3. Family guy is the most unfunny piece of shit ever created. Oh, the baby talks? Hilarious! Oh, the dog drinks? Fucking brilliant! The creator of that show and the other equally unfunny pieces of shit that he gets paid millions to create should be killed. Anyone who watches Family Guy and tries to argue that it is funny should also die. As for The Office….. i give up.

  4. First off family guy is an amazing show. What shows do you watch Zack? Sex and the city? the OC? Seriously dude you should die. And when Mr Scott leaves the office they should hire on David Cross and give it a season to see how it works

  5. I was reading on IMDB that one of the fan favorites to replace Michael was David Cross actually, but only in a Tobais-ish role. I don’t know if Scranton could handle a never-nude for a boss.

  6. I may feel differently that most of the Captains, but I agree with Zack. I hate Family Guy. The first 3 seasons before it went off the air were classic, I liked the first one after it came back as well. It went downhill fast though, South Park’s interpretation of it seems pretty accruate. It’s like Seth McFarlane is trying to shove down as much randomness and one liner situations down your throat as possible. It’s all cheap laughs and cultural refrences, it almost seems like a paraody of it’s self these days. I feel like they stopped trying a long time ago. Also, American Dad was never good.

  7. Michael Scott is definitely that show. They really should just quit. I haven’t watched any office after the second season, and everything seems to indicate I haven’t missed much afterward.

  8. One successful “replacement” character came in the form of a white Waylon Smithers rather than a black one. I’m not calling Matt Groening racist or anything, but lets be honest…That move worked out in the long run

  9. I thought i knew you flintheart. Next you going to say Dylan sucks? and the beatles were hacks?. Shame. Family guy is the best comedy on tv…. What Comedy do you think takes it? and American Dad is fucking terrible

  10. I think South Park might be top dog. That show has continually maintained its excellence for years.

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