TCM's Best of 2010

Well, in roughly 8 hours, 2010 will be dead. Forgotten and dead. What a better way than to showcase some of our best crap from the year they called two thousand ten.


Captain Polish touches on a hilarious issue in this country. The War on Fat Kids

TCM finally brings an end to the epic debate: Boobs vs. Butts.

Once again the mysterious powers of science unfortunately proved that the Dinosaurs were murdered.


Check out when we try and use the mysterious powers of science to figure our as to why Ke$ha looks like a stupid whore.

Conan O’Brien was out of a job, so we compiled a bunch of his best field work.

There are some quality bands that you listened to in the past, well remember one of them here!

If you could live in one “fake” house, I guarantee 99% of you would say The Ghostbuster’s Firehouse.

And you thought betting on who’s poop will be bigger was fun, check out these rules for betting on the TV show GUTS from Nickelodeon fame.

Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Captain Flintheart is friends with someone named Leroy. Here is one of his phone calls.

The muppets are funny. These people are funny looking.

Random Ramblings and Advice You Will Probably Never Listen Too

What the hell is up with Punxsutawney Phil and his gang of furry friends?

We lost a Captain this year, which is why he was our Captain of the Month for February.

Here are some guidelines as to how to properly name your bong.

Captain Polish offers his fatherly advice to graduating seniors. I’m pretty sure flushing your system before taking a drug test is one of those pieces of advice.

You know the finishers that wrestlers use in the ring? Well what if we used them in everyday life?

Komodo dragons were specifically designed to kill shit.


I officially gained a lot of enemies doing a Top 10 on movies and their sequels.

Captain Warbucks counts down the Top 5 pitchers from the Little League Baseball Championship Series for the NES. Better late then never.

I love being naked. So, I made a list this past summer of the Top 10 things to do naked.

Top story of the year was undoubtedly the vuvuzela. Here is 5 things to do with that goddamn vuvuzela.

Energy drinks are great, when drank at the appropriate time. Right before a colonoscopy is not one of those times.

Sharks will eat you up, no jokes. We scoured the globe to find 5 monsters that could eat a shark. We came up with some interesting results.

The world is going to end. It will most likely not be one of these ways.

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