The Relics, Your New Favorite Band

The Relics

The 1960’s are alive and well on The Relics‘ new album, Dead Flowers. The Albany, NY band’s debut shows a promising young ensemble simultaneously indebted to the bands that came before and pulling it into their own cohesive sound. 12 string guitars jangle, tambourines crash as bouncy circus organs swirl into a kaleidoscope of dark hypnotic pop music. Led by lead singer/songwriter and rhythm guitar player Kevin Gadani, The Relics make their way through ten songs over the course of the album ranging from garage rock, demented surf rock, dirges, the softer side of Kurt Cobain’s guitar riffing, backing vocals inspired by classic girl groups, folk rock and the Beatles filtered through 80’s indie rock. These songs all seem to take place in the darkest midnight of a Saturday or else the Sunday morning after when both body and spirit are broken.

The band’s secret weapon is Nick O’Brien whose 12 string guitar playing reminds me a of a young Peter Buck from R.E.M. O’Brien also plays keyboards on the album and sings backing vocals. The Relics are rounded out by the tight melodic bass playing (and sweet ass voice) of Jason Kendall as well as Jeff Dallas’ empathetic crisp drumming.

What the band excels in is songs…catchy, melodic songs.  In a parallel universe (or 1965) these songs would have been all over the radio. “Some Velvet Sunday” channels the burnt out melancholy of the Velvet Underground’s self titled 3rd album. “Outta Yer $$” opens with shimmering 12 string guitar evoking vintage Byrds before settling into a country twang that showcases the band’s previous incarnation as The Wild Mountain Underground. The song, “Hey Caroline” feels like it wouldn’t be out of place on a hip 1990’s indie television show. To me though, the band’s quintessential song is “Wild Flowers”, it pulls all parts of their musical base into a chugging, swampy brooding nightmare of a pop song.

Don’t bother spending your time leafing through the vinyl stores hunting for those 60’s pop bands that time forgot, because The Relics are still here playing live and making music.

You can purchase Dead Flowers by going here.

If you live in the capitol region The Relics will be playing (tracks from the album as well as unrecorded songs) all over this summer:

May 21 2010 8:00P
McGeary’s Albany, New York, US  
Jun 5 2010 1:00P
Inquiring Minds Bookstore Saugerties, NY Find Tickets
Jun 11 2010 10:00P
Quigley’s East Greenbush, New York, US  
Jun 15 2010 8:00P
Savannah’s / Dublin Underground Albany, New York, US  
Jun 19 2010 5:30P
The Atrium Troy, New York , US  
Jun 25 2010 8:00P
Bogies Albany, New York , US
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13 Responses to The Relics, Your New Favorite Band

  1. I didn’t realize that there were professional, established musicians frequenting this blog. I never understand why when someone hates something on the internet, they subject themselves to it further by commenting on it. What is this, YouTube?

  2. Nora, is it okay to post positive comments?
    Do the Captains post their pieces in order to receive only leg humping responses?
    Is there a first amendment?
    Can one not comment on something they do not find appealing, or oppose an opinion on the Captains site?
    I am glad you have your opinion on my comment, but keep in mind Nora that your comment is negative to my comment. Aren’t you being a hypocrite in your comment?
    To the point of this post, listen again to the opening singing. It is way out of key and bad. And yes I do have the credentials to back up my musical criticism.

  3. God forbid a singer in a rocknroll band sings a line out of key!!!! caliko, have you ever heard of pavement?,sonic youth? fucking bob dylan? why don’t you stick to reading articles about american idol or usher cause you sure don’t have an ear for rocknroll.

  4. Ouch such critisism, on a critisism. Line out of key, douche the whole thing sucks. So your saying because you like it, your opinion matters?

    Jesus isn’t real so shut your pie hole.

  5. Okay I listened again, and oh man that is a high school band at best. That is just horrible.
    The back up vocals are just as bad, teh guitar is lack luster and has poor rhythm.

    Guys it is bad. You are just trying to like it to be cool, well it’s not working and you will never be if you think this is close to rock and roll, and even worse you think this is good.

    Wow listen to that blistering penatonic scale solo, rocking good……

  6. I don’t know if he’s real or not, but I do know that Jesus saves.

    Good points on this across the board, except I don’t enjoy getting my leg humped. Quick math equation – leg humping = no action boner = blue balls = immense pain.

    Chew on that kids. Chew on that.

    PS – a woman I play softball with wants to call our team the Dirty Chewbaccas.

  7. Music isn’t about perfection, it’s about feeling.

    For being a local band, I think they sound pretty good. They have a unique sound that’s thankfully not whatever passes for Modern Rock these days.

    Calico Jack, is Creed your favorite band??

  8. Sorry fellas…this shit ain’t my cup o’ tea.

    FYI, Jesus is real. I seen him drowning kittens and killing babies the other day in a Walgreen’s parking lot. Oddly enough, people were tipping him.

  9. Hi Biff, no I can’t stand creed. That is over polished over produced stuff.

    Music is about feeling, and the relics give me a sick feeling.

    Why does being a local band mean they can sound like shit? Every band that “makes it” was a local band at one point.

    I guess if sucking is unique, yep they sure are unique. Honestly though they don’t seem unique at all. But I see your point, if a band is unique and sounds a little offbeat that is one thing, but these guys are trying to sound good and modern, but aren’t getting it done.

    Rooster, you nailed it, cup of shit, or tea…..I say shit.

    I know it is easy to be a critic.
    Good luck to The Relics.

  10. Uh… now Biff, I want make sure that we get two coats of wax this time. Not just one. Now Biff, don’t con me! Ahh… Biff. What a character. Always trying to get away with something. I’ve had to stay on top of Biff ever since High School.

  11. shit, i guess im late for the relics/jesus discussion. although i agree that this song is isn’t anything amazing, i have heard some other tunes of theirs today, i gotta say, pretty fuckin good stuff. to me, the band just sounds a bit lazy on some tunes(mainly this one) but it works well on others. production kinda ineffective, might sound better rawer, as for Jesus, he’s been since banned from Walgreens but will be performing live at next years Cochella fest with Jeff Tweedy.

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