The Most Underrated Musical Instruments

Today’s most underrated musical instrument is brought you us by the 80’s. Remember the 80’s? It was the decade of bad music, bad hair, bad taste in general, but awesome comedies (Ghostbusters, Summer Rental, Stripes, etc.). For any true fan of 80’s music, you’ll recognize today’s underrated instrument because it may just be one of the dumbest instruments ever created by man – the keytar:


One thing I would like to mention about this picture is its sheer awesomeness.  The good old U.S.A, Hulkamania, Fantasy, knee guard, and basketball shorts are being reped hardcore in this pic, but, wait, what’s this? Cuba? Really?  Is that guy wearing a Cuba headband? OR should I say, is this guy wearing a Cuba headband and giving the Michael Jordan “I am awesome” tongue? Wow. How did one survive the 80’s? Who knows, but back to the keytar.

The keytar is basically a keyboard on a guitar. The reasoning behind it? Some douchebag wanted to look cool when they were rocking out on keys. Wait, looking cool while jamming on a keytar? Unless your Herbie Hancock or Tom Shuman from Devo, it’s utterly impossible.

The keytar was developed by Anthony Masakowski and commercially introduced in 1980 as the Moog Liberation. Many names, styles, and versions replaced the Moog, but none other took the market with such force. They say the driving influence behind the keytar was Edgar Winter. For those who don’t know Edgar Winter, the band played the song “Frankenstein” which has no words and only a looping, syncopated beat dominated by the keyboard. Edgar Winter was such a badass, he strapped a keyboard around his head to jam out to the tune.

For those of you not familiar with the keytar, we give you this video of a semi-hot lady rocking out to the keytar who is enjoying it far too much. It’s quite the intense video. I watched it 3 times already:

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  1. Apparently the only way to play a keytar is in a chain mail suit with a bikini on underneath.

    I guess I will never succeed.

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