The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

Let me start by saying that Flintheart is not a big Prince fan. I respect him, but i’m not into his music. As most people know in 1993 he changed his name from Prince to an unpronounceable symbol (the “love symbol” which was a combination of the male and female symbols).

It was big news back than, but since every media outlet began referring to him as “the artist formerly known as Prince” my young self didn’t understand what was happening. I thought he had changed his name to, “The Artist”.

In retrospect as I thought about this as an adult I realized how much of an amazing fuck you move this was. The man changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol! Clearly he thought the media would be flustered discussing him and would have to print the symbol on the page or show it on tv when discussing him. This all backfired though with the artist formerly known as Prince bullshit.

TCM would still like to commend Prince for trying something so ridiculous and absurd.

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  1. The reason why he changed his name is because WB owned his name and he wanted to still put his music out as himself… DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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