The Advantage: A Nintendo Cover Band


Some people think I’m crazy that I actually listen to this band in my free time and own both their albums… you know what, they are probably right. Never the less, The Advantage is a band that hails from California and only plays Nintendo songs. That’s right. Theme songs from 8 bit N.E.S. games, different boards, the end boss music…they do it all. Note for note renditions played by a live band, 2 guitars, bass and drums. They do all your favorites from Mario 3, Contra, that fucking level in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where you have to disable all the mines while your underwater and trying not to electrify yourself, Metroid, Zelda, Castlevania you fucking name it.


They even go on tour. You can visit their MySpace here or you can watch a live version of Megaman 2: Flashman Stage below:

Note that after awhile of non stop listening every song begins to sound like the band, Franz Ferdinand.

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4 Responses to The Advantage: A Nintendo Cover Band

  1. It really, really is. Even with the fact that you can switch turtles at any given point when your health is low. But when you complete it with whichever turtle you used, you get the satisfaction of getting to bust some green ooze all over April O’Neil’s face.

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  3. I’ve recently seperately discovered them, but it seems that they died off in 2008. What seemingly used to be their official website was taken over by a spambot, and just about everything involving them seems out of date. :/

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