Sweet, Sweet Freedom

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by watching Hasselhoff rock out in Germany after the Berlin Wall came down?

Everyone can use a little more Hasselhoff in their life.

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2 Responses to Sweet, Sweet Freedom

  1. Flintheart, This is great, nothing like watching Hasselhoff rocking out on the 4th!!! Take that berlin Wall and Destroy it!!! FUCKIN FREEEEDOM man!

  2. That was one of the most awesome nights ever, the night the wall came down. I went to Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie in ’08 and you can still feel the ghosts of the poor souls trying to get over the wall. A lot of the gawdawful Soviet style architecture is still standing, although much of it is being torn down now. Some parts of the wall are still standing, mostly because of the artwork on them. Other sections with especially good artwork were brought to museums. ROCK ON HOFF!!!

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