R.I.P. White Stripes

The White Stripes

Workaholic, Jack White disbanded his flagship group, the White Stripes. Unfortunately, this seems to have been in the cards for awhile do to their self imposing limits of only having two bands members and minimal overdubbing (along with no more than three instruments appearing per song). Simply put the band ran it’s course.

My biggest disappointment is not getting to see them live. I had tickets to see them on their Canadian tour that became the album, Under The Great Northern Lights in the Summer of 2007 but had to have an emergency appendectomy on the 4th of July.  However, I have been fortunate enough to see his other band, The Raconteurs play twice and Jack White proved himself as being one of the only true “guitar heroes” of our generation and by far the most violent guitarist I’ve ever seen.

The good news is we can likely look forward to yet another band formed by White full of band members that look just like him.
Jack White

The bad news is we probably won’t ever get to see Meg White’s big old titties flopping around the drum kit like a fish out of water ever again.
Meg White's tits

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