Lady GaGa's got….Little People??

Well, if you all remember our post about Lady GaGa having a choad, some new information has come to light. It appears that this pop star singer has an incredible fetish for Fisher Price’s Little People. You remember those don’t you?

Yea you do. Apparently the original photo was doctored to cover up her favorite hiding place for her favorite Little People’s. The new photo has been released exclusively to TCM to help clear up any misunderstandings.

In an unofficial statement from Miss GaGa herself, she explains this photo:

The current photo of me circling around the internet with me squatting down looking like a have a dick bulge, well that was a cover up…a poor one at that. I did not want to admit it to the public, but since it will eventually leak out I want The Captains Memos to be the first to post this. I have an extreme fetish for Little People. You know, the children’s toys that are nice, round, hard and so sexy…sorry got off topic. Well it just so happens that I have an unofficial sponsorship with Fisher Price, and they send me as many of these Little People that I want just as long as I don’t let the media know that they are doing this. Well, it looks like now that I will be ending that sponsorship because of this recent photo release. That is ok, I have several thousand of these floating around my house, tour bus, private jet and vag. I believe I will be able to continue my professional career without the assistance from Fisher Price and their Little People line. I want to apologize to all my fans and those who I let down. I have to tell you though, I had no pockets that night and I figured my cooch was the safest, warmest and most adequate spot for my little person.

– L8d Gaga <3>

Well, I suppose she wanted to take a ride on her disco….little person? This has just gotten fucking weird.

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