Hidden Messages In Songs

I’m not talking about play the record backwards and you can hear messages on Judas Priest songs about Rob Halford’s S&M fetishes, or Robert Plant’s interest in Dungeon & Dragons on Zeppelin albums. I’m talking abut the Beatles and I’m talking about Drugs. It’s no big secret that the Beatles like to get high and/or drop acid, amongst other things.

On the 1965 album, Rubber Soul the Beatles themselves admitted that they were getting high constantly. It seems that they wanted to pull a fast one over the majority of the listeners heads but also cater to the few fans that were “turned on” to the cannabis culture. In the song “Girl” it is long rumored that in between singing the chorus they emulate smoke inhalation from a bong. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself

[audio: https://www.thecaptainsmemos.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/girl1.mp3] [audio: https://www.thecaptainsmemos.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/girl2.mp3]

During the song’s bridge, the backing vocals are chanting “tit-tit-tit-tit-tit” over and over again as a joke they knew no one would pick up on. The Beatles themselves later confirmed this.

[audio: https://www.thecaptainsmemos.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/girl3.mp3]

Once again proving even the slightest of Beatles songs is worth repeated listenings.

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6 Responses to Hidden Messages In Songs

  1. How can you not mention “I am the Walrus” from the magical mystery tour.
    And the end teh chants of “smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot”.

  2. I am pretty sure that the picture you used is from when they were filming HELP! in the Bahamas.

    ….so sad that I know that.

  3. So GIRL is actually ALL about POT?? as in the female plant?? If it were a bong, there would be more bubbly sounds, and I don’t think bongs were around in ’65 but Joints were all the craze. Or is the song about an actual girl??? The thing I love about SABBATh is they just create a song called SWEET LEAF, and the coughing begins, perhaps the greatest ode to weed. FLINTHEART, do you own MASTER of Reality??? Def my fav Sabbath ALbum. But all of their albums are Beyond amazing

  4. The song Girl isn’t about weed, it just has nods to it in the background. I think you may be correct on your bong chronolgy, either way the sound they are mimicking is in the inhilation of heavy smoke.

    The cough at the beginging of Sweet Leaf is one of my favorite things ever. I do in fact own Master Of Reality and it is an incredible album.

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