Childhood Songs

Remember those childhood songs you’d listen to and thought were truly awesome? The Captain’s remember may of those songs and man, they were awesome, but many of them could be foreseen as inappropriate.  What do we mean? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

In 1984, the greatest movie ever created by man, Ghostbusters, hit the theaters with a catchy theme song changing many people’s lives forever.  Forget the part of the movie where Ray Stanz gets a blowjob from a ghost while sleeping at the firehouse one night (2:00 into this clip), let’s concentrate on the song.  Ray Parker Jr. delivered the hit and snuck in a line after the solo of “busting makes me feel good.”   Well Ray, thank you for throwing it out there for us. Busting makes me feel good too.  I remember being 4 years old and all hopped up on Ecto Cooler running around the house screaming “busting makes me feel good” at the top of my lungs with no idea what it meant.

Remember the Spice Girls? About 3/5 of them we’re extremely bangable. Their break out hit “Wannabe” was probably the first instance of my life where I was exposed to the concept of being a man whore – thank you ladies.  Witness this lyric, the main chorus of the song – “If you wanna be my lover, you got to get with my friends; make it last forever, friendship never ends.”  More or less there saying in order to hook up with one of them, you must bang all of their friends. That’s incredible anyway you put it.

Of course there are many other songs we can reference here like “Puff the Magic Dragon”, “the Humpty Dance”, and  “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” but we’d rather have our loyal readers throw out some more examples from their childhood.  I’d do some more research on the topic, but I feel the need to blast some Ray Parker at the moment.

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