Bands You Forgot About

Goddamn. We are always churning out new things to share with you here, so what a way to bring in the new year with a new series titled, Bands You Forgot About. In these series’, we will be bringing back a band that was awesome at one time, but then faded away into the black never to be heard of again. Well, maybe heard of again just not as much as they were at one time or another.

Ok, commence awesomeness!

The very first band we will bring to you today is Presidents of the United States of America. If you have never heard of them, then you were either deprived as a child or Jaycee Lee Dugard. Anyhoo, they were an awesome band. Correction, they still are an awesome band. They, since 2000, have been working in the shadows and have released 3 albums. Have you heard of them since they did that song about some lump and a kitty? Didn’t think so.

Presidents of the United States of America

You remember way back in 1995? Probably not, you crackhead. I’m assuming from 1990 up to around mid 1997 you were probably balls deep in a crack binge and will not remember anything from that period. Well, I am here to refresh your mind. A little self titled album came out with a bunch of golden animals playing instruments on the cover. People looked at the name of the band and were like, “Are these guys for real?” O yes, they were for real. Without doing any sort of research, I am declaring these guys with the longest band name in history completely ignoring that fact that Captain Flintheart’s band back in the day called Captain Flintheart and the Outrageously Gay Free Roaming Rainbow Band. Take that.

Since I, much like everyone else, didn’t really listen to them past their first album I can’t really share with you much more than past their first album. You all know the 3 popular songs, Lump, Peaches & Kitty. They are all good tunes, but in my opinion, not the best on that album. The best one is the cover of Kick out the Jams. A shortie, but a goodie. Take a listen.

Well, if you hit up their website you will see that they are very much still alive and have several albums since their debut. They still tour as well with 2 shows coming up in February in Seattle. So if you’re local, go see these guys, they are good.

That’s it for the first part of Bands You Forgot About. If you have suggestions for upcoming posts on this topic, let us know. Later, peeholes.

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6 Responses to Bands You Forgot About

  1. Another band…..CRASH TEST DUMMIES, with the chorus that went, mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……also the band CHUMBAWUMBA……..ALSO the band The CRANBERRYS….WHERE art thou??? How about LIVE u know u love LIVE! Bald dudes were HUGE in the 90’s…I’d like an article on the bald people that shaped the 90’s. that chick who ripped up the popes picture should be mentioned along with the guy from REM and BRUCE WILLIS! REM is another band forgotten.

  2. Last but not least “THE PROCLAIMERS” I would walk 500 miles….Now we are talking about twins with glasses that kicked ass on that song…Are they alive?? and did they end up marrying one another?

  3. Feather Pluckin’ is a pretty solid tune off that album too. Mach 5 on the follow up album is solid as well.

  4. Random fact…they also teamed up with Sir Mix-A-Lot of all people to form a supergroup called Subset, although I myself have never heard them. They went on tour, but never dropped an album

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