George Lucas Is Back At It


Straight from the fat asses mouth, the Indiana Jones 5 script is being finished off as I am typing this. I can’t even begin to describe the eternal nausea this makes me feel. If your a reader of our blog you might remember i’ve discussed my hatred for the last movie at length here and again here.

Mr. Lucas you and Mr. Spielberg are nothing but money grubbing whores. Why couldn’t you take a cue from the Seinfeld series and not drag to death a good thing? Go out on a high note, don’t tarnish your well regarded body of work (further).  What could you possibly do with any more money? You can’t buy planets…yet and as far as I know, ours isn’t for sale.

Worse yet,  there is a rumor (and hopefully only a rumor) that Sean Connery is coming out of retirement to play dear old dad once again. While I would enjoy hearing him refer to Indy as “Junior” a trillion times, i’m pretty positive in the Crystal Skull they said he was dead. Please don’t tell me he was actually abducted by Aliens.

Maybe this movie will take place in the 1960’s and Harrison Ford has to beat the shit out of CGI hippies, “Mutt” gets drafted and Marion becomes the world’s ugliest go-go dancer. Oh, and I guarantee they will somehow make Indiana the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll. For some reason the last movie found it necessary to tie him into every important world event.

Just do the world a favor Lucas and give up.

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