America, Embrace The Fact That Miley Cyrus Wants Her "New" Image To Be Slutty

If you like Miley Cryus’ music you can go fuck yourself. published this article yesterday all about Perez Hilton posting a picture of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car presumably without underwear on. I have no idea why Billboard would deem this “music news”, but I enjoyed it because it not only proves Miley’s retardation everytime she speaks, it also makes Perez Hilton seem like some kind of crazed deviant who might get arrested over this because it’s technically Child Pronography (she’s 17). Either way, this article makes both of them look bad and is why I’m posting it.

Please note the choice phrases that I italicized to stress Miley’s retardness. The last sentence of this article makes zero sense to me.

“Miley Cyrus is firing back at blogger Perez Hilton for posting a photo of the 17-year-old Disney star that could potentially be considered child pornography.

That’s like, some idiot being an idiot — that’s not me, you know what I’m saying?” Cyrus told radio host Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday (June 15), during an interview to promote her soon-to-be released album, “Can’t Be Tamed.”

“Isn’t it funny how things that are so negative have to come out right before my record?” Cyrus added. “It’s like, no one can just let a positive thing happen. All I can do is focus on the positive and that I hope this record does well.”

On Sunday, Hilton used his Twitter account to post a photo of Cyrus exiting a car and implied that she was not wearing underwear. Media reports have since speculated that if this was the case, Hilton could be charged with distribution of child pornography.

Hilton has since downplayed the controversy in a video post on his website, saying, “Do you think Miley is that stupid to be out in public without panties? Do you think I am stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she is not wearing any underwear down there?” 

Cyrus, whose “Can’t Be Tamed” album is due June 21, has herself faced criticism in recent weeks for her a more sexually provocative image. The “Hannah Montana” debuted her revamped look in the music video for the album’s title track, and on a recent “Britain’s Got Talent” performance, she pretended to kiss one of her female dancers.

My record is not provocative,” Cyrus insisted to Seacrest when he asked her how she felt about the criticism. “If you’re buying that, you’re not buying whatever somebody with no life [does].”

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  1. I never really thought she was that hot. And I’m putting this out there right now: I think Taylor Swift is not only ugly, but incredibly weird looking.

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