What not to do at a NASCAR race.

So TCM had a little redneck gathering a few weekends ago at the Pocono’s Raceway for their NASCAR race. We were fortunate enough to get a spot in the infield. I must say, NASCAR is boring on TV but in real life it is a fucking trip. A lot of drinking, Indian leg wrestling, pooping and shouting very loudly occurred. Those damn hicks know how to fucking party. Anyways, day 2 rolls around and we notice that the kid camping next to us is getting a little rowdy. A little too rowdy for our liking…to the point where we think he punched this girl in the face—mind you she came out a hootin’ and a hollarin’ that he raped her the night before. Sure men beating up on women is funny in the movies, but in real life, that shit won’t fly. So this kid tries to fight everyone, but his brother stops us. Next thing we know, this happens:

So pretty much he got pissed off at life and decided to go live in the woods behind Pocono’s Raceway. We believe he is still there living off of strict rations of Maple leaves and rabbit poop. Good luck to ya, ya fuckin’ douchebag.

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