This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Coming in at a staggering 38MMM cup size, Sheyla Hershey has the world’s largest breasts. With over 30 breast augmentations to her name, this Houston resident certainly gives the Texas motto “everything’s bigger in Texas” added weight.

Anyways, after her latest surgery (she had to get it done in Brazil…that’s probably the first sign in which you shouldn’t be having any kind of surgery), Miss Hershey has contracted a staph infection and doctors have had to remove all of her implants. It is now being reported they might have to chop off her tit entirely. This is certainly sad news, and everyone hopes that she’ll be fine….But, you know what? Excess is evil. Even when it comes to titties.

Added note: I just found out that she had 2 ribs removed to look more like Dolly Parton. Wow. Just wow.

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