Evidence Of My Dad's Growing Insanity

My dad has let the media win for the last 10 years. He has been obsessed with identity theft. He refuses to buy things online with a credit/debit card (he buys prepaid gift cards) and I don’t think he has ever given out his social security number over the phone. Clearly he’s insane, but not funny insane like this guy’s dad.

Well, he might have topped himself this time. On 20/20 or one of those other dumb ass news casts they claim there is some chemical that you dip checks into that will erase all ink written on it without harming the check. So if you did it to someone else’s, at a certain angle you could wipe off everything but the person’s signature and write yourself a check for eleventy billion dollars. Apparently, there is one pen in the world resistant to that. One fucking Ivan Drago esque feet of modern science that can defy the chemical.

When my dad heard this, he bought every single member of my family one of those pens…even both my Grandmothers and not just my brother but my sister in law too (apparently they can’t share).

Thank you media for brainwashing one more person.

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2 Responses to Evidence Of My Dad's Growing Insanity

  1. well considering that your brother might be off writing (presumably un-erasable) checks, eliminating the debt of paying for the Sharks’ newfound pen obsession the real question is….
    why wouldn’t your sister in law need one??

  2. You neglected to mention that Shark cuts up pieces of the “you’ve been pre-approved” credit cards that come in the mail into about seven trillion little pieces on the off chance that someone else may try to activate it. Oh Sharkie, you are a character.

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