Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you for reading our blogsite. You have many other ones to choose from, but we the Captain’s thank you. Obviously you must think we have something enlightening to share with you.

During our last business meeting, Captain’s Yar, Flintheart, and myself asked ourselves a fairly straightforward question – how come no one gives a shit anymore to comment on our posts? Do they suck? Are they not worth commenting on?

The thing is, I’m forced to read the “PG” rated blogs of my local newspaper every single day at work because it’s one of the only web sites, along with CNN, that I can escape to for some down time. Let me tell you, these blogs suck ass, but they are full of comments. I don’t get it. We introduced chooglin’, have written about Kelly Kapowski, and even given you amazing YouTube videos and we’re not getting comments. Now given the a newspaper web site will have a higher readership than us that covers serious and non-popular topics as well, but fuck ’em – we’re still better.

Even while you don’t comment, we still plan on writing. Our numbers are actually going up, but it makes us dumbfounded and unmotivated to come up with some good stuff. The shit spewing out of our minds lately, while decent, is not as good as stuff from the Golden Age circa June/July.

So I guess this little message to you readers is WHY THE FUCK DON’T YOU COMMENT?? If it’s not your thing, I get it because I just do. If you just don’t want to, go fuck yourself. If you think I’m mental and want to beat me with a dress shoe or Ugg boot, take a number.

Your friend,

Captain Polish

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5 Responses to Commenting

  1. Damn i comment all the tizzzzime, FLINTHEART, im waiting for you to write an in depth piece on the GAS network and it’s awesomeness…I would also like more of bands we have forgotten….another Idea that pops into my mind is an article on how THE JERsey shore people need to get hit by busses and die…On a side note I would like an article dissecting the abortion that was “IM not here”, the bob dylan biopic….That movie confused the shit out of me and was poorly done IMO…Keep up the good work captains. YARRRRRRR MATEEEEEY!

  2. I comment from time to time, under an assortment of names. Not as often as “DG” though, on account of I’ve got a job.

  3. Hey TF you know of anywhere that is hiring?? im lookin for work man but this economy has got me in the gutter. This extra time does give me opportunity to post so valid point

  4. This website kicks ass! It’s 4:20 in the morning, and I could’ve went to bed a long time ago. But instead, I insisted on reading your hilarious blogs. So quit bitching. Lol. 🙂

    Sometimes we don’t comment, because the blogs you guys write are so damn funny, we can’t express it into words. Either that, or we’re laughing to damn hard to type anything but this: “oidsjfoiasmuiodsuclewufisjisdhf7nsdiruysrs lmfao!”

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