An afternoon with Captain Flintheart

Captain Flintheart loves his music, movies, Star Wars, anything AIDs related, and of course his primary colors. What?

I spent some time during our hiatus hanging out with some of the Captain’s. We talked about life, the web site, sniffed a whole lot of paint, and took up some of each others hobbies. (Side note: the reason Captain Warbucks doesn’t post much any more because we were all shocked to learn that gay is his side hobby.)

On a blustery winter morning, I went over to Flintheart’s and he asked if I wanted to paint with him. Well, sure I said because painting is pretty cool. I’ve always had an appreciation for Bob Ross (you know, the guy on PBS with the huge fro), so I was down.

When we got his “studio” I was surprised to find the man had literally thousands of coloring books compiled and filed around the room based on the prevalence of the books primary colors. I was thrown, but what the fuck. The paint was kicking in so I went to work.

Captain Flintheart

Here’s the finished product. He was proud that he stayed within the lines so we were able to eat some cookies after this project was completed.

This whole experience explained a lot about our friend Captain Flintheart. I’m glad I walked a day in his shoes and learned of his passion for “painting.”

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