The Third Person

Remember the Seinfeld episode with Jimmy and how he talks in the third person?

OK, if you don’t, now you’re all set.

Here at TCM, we try to use the third person to avoid using “I” in the majority of our posts, but it hasn’t worked consistently past month two of this awesome web site. However in real life, I don’t use the third person, but others, much like Jimmy, do. Imagine having to work or go to class with someone that does it non-stop. It will drive you insane. It’s happening to me right now and I’m on edge. Here’s a few examples:

I had to leave a message for a co-worker the other day about some project I’m working on. I pick up the phone, give her a call, and get her voicemail. She uses her name in the voicemail as if she is acting as her own secretary! I was in disbelief and told another co-worker to call – we were both astonished and annoyed. “You’ve reached Rabble Rabble (possibly could be the Hamburgular). Rabble Rabble cannot take your call, please leave a message and phone number and Rabble Rabble will return your call.” Fuck sake!

it gets better…

Yesterday I began a grad class and am blessed to have a professor for nine more weeks that refers to himself by only his last name. The whole night: “Rabble thinks this”, “Rabble wants you to ask questions”, “Rabble doesn’t mind if you bring food to class”, etc. It was extreme torture for four hours to listen to someone referring to themself. My brain hurt and all I could think of is giving out the Hogan Leg Drop after 15 minutes of sitting through this.

So, is this normal? Is it normal for people to refer to themselves in the third person? Have any stories to share? Am I geeking out here or what! More of a vent/rant than a post, but hey, what can you do.

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