The Mysterious Case of Captain Kirk

It’s been weeks since we’ve heard form Captain Kirk on the site. To quell some of the emails we’ve been receiving on his whereabouts, it’s about time for us to come clean with what’s going on with Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

During the Meeting of the Minds, we had an excellent business meeting in which all Captain’s contributed conceptually to the growth of the site in one way or another. Kirk, playing the role of hotshot, immediately tried to one-up Captain Yar in the meeting by calling him a “fart face.” I think it’s easier just to role a tape of what happened and let you see for yourselves:

The character known in the clip as “Jim Devers” is truly Captain Kirk. No, he did not shoot himself, but he’s been too embarrassed to post ever since this occurrence.

I thought everyone needed to know what happened to Kirk because you’re probably missing some of his more popular posts like lingerie football and Sports Illustrated swim suit rookies. All lingerie related of course.

Fear not, we’re hoping Kirk will one day return after this crippling blow was dealt to his psyche, but there is no timetable for said return.

If you miss Captain Kirk’s presence on TCM, let us/him know. This might be the only way to overturn being publicly called “fart face.”

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