Social Characters: the Out of Control Facebooker

We here at TCM have been very candid in the past about our disdain for Facebook. I have an account, but don’t normally use it. I like having an account so I can get messages from friends I no longer see because of distance and receive photos (not ones of me being a drunken idiot though).

I’ve been totally enamored with Facebook now that my job is now creating a profile and have decided that there are really four types of users:

– There are people like me that like to use Facebook as a means to communicate with distant friends;
– There are people that use Facebook to plan their social activities and keep up on the gossip;
– There are people that use Facebook for entertainment by looking up old friends, flames, etc. and using all the apps;
– Then there are people that combine all of these uses and then some making themselves what I’ve coined an Out of Control Facebooker.

The Out of Control Facebooker is a crazy bird. No one knows where they originate from, but there has to be a great deal of neglect in their lives. Signs to detect an Out of Control Facebooker include, but is not limited to:

– Commenting on your photos when you haven’t seen them in years;
– Liking/Disliking photos or status when you haven’t seen them in years;
– Friending your friends;
– Friending people they don’t know so they can look at their pictures which includes their friends;
– Friending people they just met;
– Updating their status more than 3 times daily;
– Consistently sending apps to people that do not use them; and
– Sending blast Facebook generated emails to people inviting them to events that they have no intention of going to.

The reason this blog/rant is happening today is because I’m at my braking point. I friended someone a year ago and something happened to this person that they now insist on sending me invites to their birthday party, business meeting, etc. I haven’t talked to this person for close to 10 years. I was never true friends with the person so I was surprised when they wanted to be friends in the first place.

Looking back I should’ve blocked the invite, but I didn’t. I can defriend the person, but that’s too much effort. I’m not up on that term, but apparently Webster picked it as the word of the year for 2009. Man we’re fucked.

I’m not looking for pity in this post. I’m just looking to highlight the fact that there are people out there that are just out of control in their Facebook usage.

If you use Facebook, are reading this blog, and you think I described you, well I halfheartedly apologize. You got to realize that you are annoying the shit out of people that just don’t give a shit about what you are doing.

If you were directed to the site from Facebook, like 23% of our readers are, well at least you know we’re disgruntled about Out of Control Facebookers and are only milking Facebook’s teets so we can increase our readership. Speaking of which, I found this image when looking for an appropriate image for this post:

You probably saw this already from an Out of Control Facebooker. This rant is over. Where’s my Xanax.

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  2. even though I enjoy the games, I do wish you could opt out of the endless reports that go to non-players. I am certain that there is some computer programer smart enough to do that. FB, would prefer that everyone have to endure this crap because they make money off those folks who buy the real cash for the games.

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