"Office Worker" Characters

It September. That means people stop taking vacations and get more into their jobs. We talk about work a lot on TCM because it’s such an interesting topic – especially when you work in an office. And if you’ve ever spent any time in an office or work place type setting, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered several of these people or perhaps all of them:

This is a few years old, but it’s straight and to the point. We all have an “arrival checker” that watches us and our shit with the thought that any moment it can be out on the street. We all have a “dumb looking good guy” who steals the female bosses attention and provides the divorced 30-somethings with day time eye candy. Even at TCM headquarters Captain Warbucks is known as the “butt crack guy” and that’s no lie.

I’m going to tackle each one of these “office workers” and go a little bit behind the scenes on why they are the way they are. If you think a character from your office is missing on this list, make sure you send us a note. This will be a nice little fall project and probably cause my demise at my actual job.

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