Bathroom Attendants

Although we just gave you the full explanation to why men read in the bathroom, we are not going to make this “bathroom week” with this post, or are we? Compliments of Captain K, here’s a good very rant on the bathroom attendant:

“The other day the Captain’s decided that we needed to find some power and motivation to help us come up with some new material for the site (you can only have so many videos of the day). What better place to find said power than an NHRA drag race watch 8,000 horsepower cars scream down the track! That’s so much power you can feel the ground shake and your body want to explode – much like an hour after Mexican night.

So sure enough we are enjoying the afternoon festivities and the carnival type food that can be expected from a woodchuck inspired event such as a NHRA top fuel drag race. When after my second chili dog, first buffalo chicken sandwich, and of course a morning full of coffee, the bowel gods were calling my name.

Now I am not one of those people who need an amazingly clean restroom. Most restrooms will do and even the good ole Blue Bowl will usually make me happy. Here is where the problem lies: THE BATHROOM ATTENDANT.

The bathroom attendant has to be one of the most awkward jobs to have and is also creates (at least for me) a very awkward restroom experience. The NHRA drag race was my first experience of bathroom attendants working Blue Bowls. At one point during my time at the drag strip outside of Reading, PA, I used the Blue Bowl and there was actually a turd in the urinal portion of the Blue Bowl.

My question is: What are these bathroom attendants doing? Isn’t it their job to keep these puppies clean and full of TP? No, I guess not. They are sitting in front of the porta-shitters shouting at females walking by, talking and texting on their cell phones and distributing penny candy. Seriously, penny candy! Who wants to eat fucking penny candy from the Blue Bowl attendant?

The icing on the cake is the fact that you get a dirty look from them if you don’t tip them! Tip them for what? The old as hell piece of double bubble they gave me from their collection of Blue Bowl candy?

I have no respect for any bathroom attendant. Until I am not capable of wiping my own ass and a bathroom attendant does it for me I would be fine not dealing with a bathroom attendant again.”

If you are a bathroom attendant or aspire to be one, please feel free to let us know the answers and the rationale to the questions about this job.

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