Authors Who Could Kick Your Ass


In this inaugural edition, TCM would like to highlight author, Ernest Hemingway. For those of you who don’t know Hemingway, he was about as manly as they come. Standing out is a particularly difficult feat considering he came from the first half of the twentieth century when real men were still plentiful.

Why would he be able to kick my ass you might ask? For the following reasons of course.

-Served in WWI as an ambulance driver and had part of his leg blown off becoming the first American to be injured in Italy during the war

-Was a functioning alcoholic

-An avid fisherman, he moved to Cuba where the fishing was much more bountiful. Judging by the above picture, apparently he fished with a gun

-Grandfather was a Civil War vet

-For excitement/writing material, Hemingway joined as a correspondent during the Spanish Civil War

-Served in the Navy during WWII

-He took two safari’s in his life time (one during the great depression) to hunt big game in Africa. He made sure he used the same native guide that Teddy Roosevelt used


-An aficionado of both Boxing and Bull Fighting (which he won two awards for)

-Committed suicide by shooting his head off with a Shotgun (eat your heart out Kurt Cobain!)

If your not familliar with his written work, do yourself a favor and check out A Farewell To Arms or The Sun Also Rises. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. One of the few writers who would probably murder you, and simply smile after the fact. Ernest Hemingway is a very dangerous man.

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