Captain Of The Month – December 2009

For our last Captain to highlight of 2009 we are using a long forgotten but Flintheart favorite, Captain N. Captain N was from a late 80’s/early 90’s cartoon called Captain N: The Game Master. One of the most creative TV show names in the history of the medium (The “N” stood for Nintendo).

Captain N

If your not familiar with the show, the concept follows a 16 year old kid who was playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! on his Nintendo and gets sucked into the TV. He finds himself now living in the sweet, sweet land of Nintendo. Their is a hot princess in turmoil and he agrees to join her squad of mythic status Nintendo characters to defend the realm. We’re talking Megaman, Kid Icarus (which is strange since he comes from Greek mythology) and Simon Belmont from Castlevania, who for some reason they make into an ego inflated pretty boy. These form the core of the N-Team which also stood for Nintendo. Very, very clever.

N Team

It turns out villains from various Nintendo games have linked up to terrorize (and possibly rape) the princess. Fronted  by the absurd, Mother Brain from the game, Metroid who is just a huge weird ass looking head in a jar…Krang eat your heart out.

Mother Brain

Basically this show was my 7 year old self’s wet dream. This guy gets to hang out with Nintendo characters, use the N.E.S. gun and control pad to fight Nintendo villains and bang a hot princess at the end of the day. It’s kinda like Mario but without being fat, having a mustache and not being a Nazi sympathizer. Instead you get a varsity letter jacket.

TCM salutes you Captain N. When I was a kid you were the coolest 16 year old I could imagine. When I was 16 you were still cooler than I would ever be. We only hope you got a chance to give the power pad a work out with the Princess.

Captain N and some bitch

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