The Sweetest African Safari Video Ever

I’m so intrigued by this video that I had to post it. Apparently, while on an African Safari a crowd was able to witness nature in all it’s glory. For those who have not seen this, let me preface it for you.

Imagine, in this case, being a baby Water Buffalo taking a stroll with your pack down by the waters edge on a hot Monday afternoon. Little to your knowledge, lions–or as I like to call them, the orange ninja’s of the jungle–await your arrival for their lunch. You feel safe because you are in the middle of the pack so you have no worries. Then all of a sudden the orange ninja’s attack taking your pack by surprise. Your dad shits himself and tries to escape leaving you to fend for yourself. Picture a baby trying to catch a bullet with their teeth…it just ain’t happening. So as your trying to be eaten for lunch, you fall towards the water only for a fucking alligator to jump out and try and snag your ass from the lions. You think to yourself, come on Oprah, what the fuck have I done to you!? But surprisingly you are still alive during all of this. So your herd has run off to the far edge of the water and you are about to be lunch for some lions and quite possibly an alligator, then you feel a rumble on the ground. This rumble can be compared to you sitting next to a guy on the ground at a music festival who last night just ate a bunch of mushrooms and now has, what we like to call here at TCM, shroom gas…it’s not mother natures friend. You look up and see your herd charging full speed at the lions. They strike and fur is flying everywhere, you see your dad flip a lion head over heels. You are saved. You thank Oprah.

That baby buffalo sure had a case of the Mondays!

Thanks to Vogel, for bringing this video to our attention in 2002.

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