So what are you dressing your mini horse up as for Halloween?

Thanks for asking, Mike. Well, I wasn’t too sure. You see, I was torn between several ideas. At first I wanted to dress Mr. Spencer F. Nelson up as a bull from Spain. I thought that would be good but then I started thinking how great it would be if he was dressed up as Santa Clause. I actually went to the mini horse supply store to go get it but then another costume caught my attention. Oddly enough it was in the clearance rack. As soon as I saw it, I knew that Mr. Spencer F. Nelson would be Scooby Doo for Halloween.

Scooby Horse

So yea, if you thought it was hilarious to dress up your cat, dog or marmot for Halloween, it is 10x as funnier to dress up a horse. Not only would you get to dress your horse up as a dinosaur, but you can ride them as well. Anyone want to be the Dino Riders for Halloween? You’re welcome.

This site is pretty much just one large photo gallery of people dressing up their horses, large and mini, in some absurd costumes. Remember the last time you saw a horse dressed up as a McHorse? Didn’t think so.

Fellas, head on over to this site to get some costume ideas for your girlfriend.

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