Fuck You Cat.

After a week of spreading some TCM love all over the faces of the people of the Bahamas, I return with some goodies for you all.

Fuck You Cat is a delightful site that pretty much takes a huge shit on cats. It shows them at the worst of times and the really worst of times. Take this for example:

A skydiving cat. As the writer of this site says perfectly:

I really enjoy the concept of taking a cat out of its natural element and scaring the living shit out of it. In general I think we as humans should do that more often. That is why I love what these Russians are doing. This guy put baggies over the cats paws so it couldn’t claw him, then strapped it to his chest and jumped out of a fucking plane. You can see the cat lose his shit right as he’s about to go over the edge. That’s funny to me.

Sure, the Russians may be a bunch of freedom hating pale alcoholics, but one thing is for sure: they know how to put cats in their place. You really have to respect them for that.

Kudos my fellow cat hating friend. Kudos.

Alf was a sexy beast for always wanting to eat cats and for that, we salute you.

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