The Weezer Snuggie

This is a nice little infomercial of our favorite product with some of our favorite pitchmen doing their thing. No, were not talking Billy Mays, but, wait what, Weezer?? Check it out:

Makes me want to buy a snuggie (a.k.a backwards robe) immediately.

Thanks to Gabba for passing this along!

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2 Responses to The Weezer Snuggie

  1. Weezer has been making a lot of questionable decisions lately. Writing songs for Sugar Ray, Katy Perry and even jamming with Kenny G. I feel like Rivers Cuomo is trying to find new humorous ways to deal with a mid life crisis

  2. That seems to be the case lol Explains a lot about the quality of their music, since I’m really a bigger fan of their older, early 90’s stuff.

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