ManCation Nation


“Dick drive this car, not pussy.”

That’s right bitches, it’s a ManCation. No women allowed. But what is it you might ask? Well in Parker, Arizona right on the Colorado River, there is a place that knows how to have a proper badass time. ManCation Nation, it goes by. It is a resort of sorts for men only where you can go water skiing on the Colorado River, eat like kings and run around the Arizona desert shooting crazy ass weapons. Sounds like a good ol’ man time to this Captain.

Here is the video selling this trip:

How could you NOT want to go here? Did you see the guy on the wake board holding an assault rifle!? That’s like James Bond shit right there…until he lands a jump and the force of the landing makes him shoot himself in the foot. My question is why does the guy have his finger on the trigger in the first place? Don’t worry, I’ll answer that: Because he was going to go shoot some bad guys, stupid.

Meeting of the Minds 2010 will take place at ManCation Nation. Book now for discount rates.

Unfortunately for all TCM readers, there are no transvestite prostitutes at ManCation Nation.

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