image source, AFP via Getty Images

Exactly two years after the first case of Covid-19 was announced in Indonesia on March 2, 2020, the transmission of the corona virus has not shown any signs of ending. Although daily transmission shows a downward trend, the threat of Omicron variants still needs to be watched out for when the vaccination program is not yet complete.

People’s mobility remains high, especially during long holidays – as happened at the end of February – even though the government is still implementing PPKM level 3 and 4 policies in various places.

Health experts warn that crowds in places with lax health protocol disciplines are still at risk of triggering cases of Covid-19 infection even though many have been vaccinated.

“I think the government is starting to loosen the rules that might satisfy the people’s wishes,” said epidemiologist from Sriwijaya University, Najmah Usman, so that this becomes a challenge in controlling the rate of transmission.